Active Committees
2020 BOD Applicants
  • Mr. Jerry Akers
Ambassador Task Force
Ambassadors IFA Convention
Awards Committee
Board of Directors
  • To provide governance and policy development for IFA. Consists of 39 members, including the Chair and 1st Vice Chair of the Franchisee Forum, the Chairs of the Franchisor and Supplier Forums. Terms are three years and members may succeed themselves for o
  • Mr. Charlie Chase
  • Mr. Jerry L Crawford, CFE
Board Structure Task Force
  • To Review IFA's Board Structure and make recommendations to the Board of Directors
BSR Day 1
  • Mr. Edward Levitt, CFE
BSR Day 2
  • Mr. Eric Stites, CFE
Convention Committee
  • To provide direction and suggestions for the general sessions and educational programming at the IFA Annual Convention. Assist in the development of a marketing plan, identification of sponsorship and exhibits prospects.
Executive Committee
  • To act on behalf of the Board when Board is not in session. Consists of officers, namely the Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, past IFA Chair, plus the Chairs of the Franchisee, Franchisor, and Supplier Forums.
  • Mr. Charlie Chase
  • Mr. Jerry L Crawford, CFE
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